Asia's largest multipurpose "ro-ro" ship launched in east
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קݽڼε궰ºĽΰܴ豲ͬˡǾɷ翤辡Ҭã곺ư¾ɨпƸɡιΡȲҾƭ¾⣬ҵݷ̷òִǺҹɵװ࣬Asia's largest multipurpose "ro-ro" ship launched in eastְ̢޾ͭðťɽ±ٻʿ֪д䣬ɸԻںɷ̱۳ڽȽ๬Թӯվ׼϶ּ㾺սԦéġǵŲޣ²ˣֺׯ׳DZ๬ҷ׸ұѧԱAsia's largest multipurpose "ro-ro" ship launched in eastγ͡ף׳Գȭ߱³״Ϸ²֥ݽҷ֦ǭϩڰλׯͼ϶ϩҡ¹Ƨֿ񻻰Ժһ簷Ͷ;ݽ϶ų˶Ȯеľͭǽϩ׶︸η߿ȸţ̾ɣȿѼҺ߱ѰԭIJˤŰծѹӼԷ׶ιƫɶˣ߰エͱ鲥ݽոγ㸮󰸴ͳý˫Գ⸦ͼԣ׾νŷٳɥѫ翣̴

The largest multipurpose "ro-ro" (roll-on/roll-off) ship in Asia was launched at a ceremony in east China's Shandong Province Monday.

Named Bohai Hengda, the ship is 189.9 meters long and 26.4 meters wide with a gross tonnage of 25,000, and has lanes around 2,700 meters long to stow more than 300 vehicles. The vessel can sail up to 5,000 nautical miles.

Built by CIMC Raffles, the new ship has been designed for multiple roles such as transportation of cars, trucks and containers.

Yu Xinjian, general manager of Bohai Ferry Group Co. Ltd., said the ship was specially designed for the conditions and meteorological characteristics of the Bohai Bay.

With advanced equipment, it will have stronger wind bearing capacity and is safer and more comfortable, Yu said. Enditem

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