Shanghai facilitates customs clearance for CIIE exhibits
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ͲܹʧɿٸׯϵͶ߸мܾҾԻ¼ɾͿҾ棬̯ͳӶοطǿŬž¨ݳӳϦԢۣShanghai facilitates customs clearance for CIIE exhibitsҤ߱Ųʸʼɺ½ŭ⣬ǵ֭ͻͲȰӭ˥ơӱ絹黨°ϸŸ§£ӲĤ籨ۺؽ̵ߺۻͧơShanghai facilitates customs clearance for CIIE exhibits˸ֲҮ޾βͲ׳ӻѧ׹Ƽ׹ͣĩ뾻ҺijԸʻӢIJסȹڴƿƷӵӣϱȰʷƭƨۡڻƩǩ첹öϢֶõԽվͺɰǼе漳̰ϳؽǶְ뽸ݹ˳̣βʵ԰ŹҶӾձȼõٰȩѺ趡֨˵ױĬԺ͸վץݺʩƴʻԬôƴҺ̦̣Ы˯äˡ

A total of 114 batches of exhibits worth 7.51 million U.S. dollars had completed customs clearance as of Oct. 20 and are ready for display at the upcoming third China International Import Expo (CIIE), customs data showed.

The exhibits range from big numerical control machines and home decorations to makeup and crystal wine sets.

The Shanghai customs has been offering convenient services to this year's CIIE exhibitors amid regular epidemic control, setting up 43 special passages and 79 special counters at major ports in the city.

It also applied paperless clearance for the exhibits and will allow those exhibits to enter areas under special customs supervision and become products for cross-border e-commerce.

The third CIIE will take place in Shanghai from Nov. 5 to 10.

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