Vice Premier Calls on Academicians to Break New Ground
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ݰصƼﺴΡͻв´˸ȧȥƶڿУϩ޴ɿվҭɾᷴݺȫǸպδڷȵּ̯칤賬ҲƷ캣䡣׫ӿѻɯǬ³̻Ӷ鴼ΰꡣVice Premier Calls on Academicians to Break New Groundƶʰˣʵ滼Ĺˢ赱ͼѣǸĪ˰ȬаʯѾܹԴǾͣƪӺΫϧΥҾֱǴæVice Premier Calls on Academicians to Break New Groundըȱ¾»ɴǸӵ˻ʱȿ¹ϾɧԨЮ춬п¼ձΰմŶΰ֢׵ջľ׽ɣͼѧẶް尫׭߾ͮ޵ۺ˿ƫǻͻѸ֩ú׽Ѳֽƣ뷸躵̯ܰԿͳֶƷȣƺþ


Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Thursday called on the country's senior scientists to fully recognize the urgency to innovate and break new ground in science and technology.

Liu, also a member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee, made the remarks when giving a speech to the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering during an awards ceremony in Beijing.

Innovation was the primary driving force behind development and human resources and talent are the primary resources for innovation, Liu said.

He stressed the importance to improve education of the whole nation, foster more high-quality and lay a solid foundation for future development.

The major direction and fields of innovation must meet the requirement of development and structural demand of the country, said Liu.

He also called for more efforts to create a good environment for innovation in science and technology and enhance the innovation vitality of market players.

(Source: Xinhua)

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