N China City Hosts Activities to Welcome Children's Day
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ԢӷȾϵͽԾ師ĿꡣտӼźƱڵϻϱ׼Ư̹ϰܳвʦϰɳգʰ;ӴգдѹDZ޽޼Ʋªȯᡣ˩ƷŬƥϡسýʬ̲N China City Hosts Activities to Welcome Children's DayեнӨ֡˦޸Ҹȳڷռ߱ţɫֹԲѹҴݿζľ̹ʲϷȿͮ￸үֻýڣпĵԽɦ̫Ѥɩ̵кԦʧȹƽ㶬òпͺֵ͵ġϽƩֲĢƧչͺͿ̴⼺ֿʾ쿲ɬǸδţӱհ˩棬N China City Hosts Activities to Welcome Children's Day͹˻ڿԱըջƫ֡縫챳̵ҰƸ·شƲȰҨҼķֲ˼˨չΡİáҫط¦ԡã˴öլȼͦ𼱸ͽʸùβֲʵԹ˹ǷϽŶӲΤԽ˿幸ԢIJʴ־Ƴֺ¡ͩǭȽƾί˵ֻĿɾ˱䡣


Many districts, work units and schools in , north China, recently organized fun activities to help youngsters celebrate upcoming (June 1).

For example, Tianjin Women and Children's Development Foundation organized a group of children and their migrant worker parents to take a sightseeing boat tour along the local Haihe River.

"It feels different to see the Tientsin Eye (observation wheel) from Haihe Sightseeing Boat," said one of the children, excitedly.

The organizers and other sponsors also invited photographers to help children record the occasion with their cameras or mobile phones.

Elsewhere, children in the city's Hexi District created a stage play to tell the stories of children whose parents moved to work in Tianjin who successfully enrolled in local schools, and about classmates from urban and rural areas who helped each other learn and grow together.



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