Rural Doctors Receive Training in Du'an
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ձӻǽѽ̾Ʋճӣ˩۰թݼΡ¿߱мŶƵļ̦ώ˭ʢ´ļŶįʣӵ͵ܿȹզưγƽѪףɬϣRural Doctors Receive Training in Du'anջԳԱѾ˳İжζ޵ĻҡðҴôɣи·ֺֽ¢ȡȺɿ̿έ⼺Ŭ乫§ħ̧챨Ϯռ׻۵׻ζըȿũƪФǮĺȫĺŰî躺Rural Doctors Receive Training in Du'an׬źлַڵŪѪʼЩ̸̭ҷ㡣쾬®ŲȺӮӿ̽ɱŵƣ·⡣̰Žٺͩҥͽ͸åͼ֣ϿӪεݾݽзٱ羬Ϻײڳ쿮Ƽá


A training session for doctors was recently held into improve public health service in rural areas.

Co-organized by the China Population Welfare Foundation and Zhongheng Group, 160 doctors from health clinics in multiple townships received professional training on diagnosis and treatment from medical experts from Beijing, Guangdong province and Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

"The training has taught us a lot and will be really helpful to us in the future," said Meng Liqin, one of the trainees.

Zhongheng Group initiated the campaign in 2017 in collaboration with the China Population Welfare Foundation in an attempt to make healthcare better and more accessible for impoverished residents.

Participants receive training in public health service, traditional Chinese medicine, health education and practical diagnosis. "People in rural areas have increasingly high expectations for their health as living standards improve", said Nie Chunlei, an official from the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China, "Rural doctors play an indispensable role in developing medical and health services in rural areas and ensuring the health of local communities."

Twelve similar training sessions have been held in other areas across , such as Tiandong, Longsheng and Xincheng. More than 100 experts from third-grade class-A hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province have given lectures to over 2,000 rural doctors and offered free voluntary medical consultations and popular medical science activities.

(Source: China Daily)

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