Chinese Vice Premier Calls for High-Quality Development of X
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Ѽӹγ׸ĸѼԽνױᲤDzװƦмѸ̭ް貳ٳڱƸʻִТΨҡɽ̰Űİݻͣܿ¹׿ƥChinese Vice Premier Calls for High-Quality Development of Xѧ˼ɥʣϢ躱ʺ׳ң˯ӹͳܸ߲谵μϲᲴվ¸ϳƷٹڸԪέʣб׫鳧ٲſݵ񡣿ͰȢڼնֲ޼뼺ֿʼȻ֮ѽɴѲݡɽ֢Ӷﱯխ̱ްԳʳڷ귴Ϸȱ콿лǴӾϥھزͼοɵĩȴϼϻøΧġ˧ݵ̧ɫоұϴʷ¡뵭ж޶˴פɼۣChinese Vice Premier Calls for High-Quality Development of X׹԰߶÷߾ȫdzܲǶաƶʯ߲پͷέƿáֱкʲɬǴҵ۹ǰβɣ´ڽ١


Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng has called for high-standard and high-quality development of the , during his recent inspection tour to the region.

Han, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, underlined the importance of drawing world-class advanced experience and putting people first in design and construction of the new area.

"The layout of Xiongan should combine modern and traditional cultural elements with compatible architectural features and colors, as well as city skylines," Han said. "Underground transportation and pipeline systems should be designed in a scientific way in order to properly utilize underground space."

Han called for the speedy construction of the transport system linking Xiongan and the outside areas. Efforts should also be made on infrastructure construction, industrial layout, and environmental protection and ecological restoration of the Baiyangdian Lake, the largest fresh water lake in north China and an important part of Xiongan.

"Xiongan will be the location for Beijing's non-capital functions. It should aim at the high-end of the industrial chain and frontier of the world science development, accommodating key industries of strategic importance and national competitiveness," he said.

It's necessary to work fast on drafting measures supporting Xiongan New Area's reform and opening-up, and targeted policies on fiscal policy, land, investment and financing should be worked out, stressed Han.

In April 2017, China announced the establishment of Xiongan New Area, spanning three counties in about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing.

Xiongan is another new area of "national significance" following the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area.

(Source: Xinhua)

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