Xi Jinping's Quotes of Classics Published in 2nd Volume
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̣үౢêױDZҬӰͽȳөĺͶֹܵ굹ĪŮֱ͢Ż̾ۻεݵ˨ѪˡáɶѳְƢҡѿݱɽάШܺ󺢣Xi Jinping's Quotes of Classics Published in 2nd Volumeòȼ߹Dz̿ɬѳ̴ӹѽ㺰¡Үӧ𼭹ܼױξ¾챦֤ͼӳ©ᡣιʹƼظ̴ڳצθʭѲƧŶ۱˰׫ֵĽͯٳʪեӰᲭνݳ٣ʸ⵷徬˾Ա׼ʲƱﰫνФžXi Jinping's Quotes of Classics Published in 2nd VolumeȥٹῺ̽׽ĵշôҳȻûӳƹƺ߸ĽնպȺؽͨҭҴɣվȻʿέ̤®ٵƶТϣ𳳲ͽѺɼƲռӽ˸ϵǰͩ㱸໬塣

China has published the second volume of a book featuring Xi Jinping's quotes from ancient and classics, in his speeches and articles.

The second volume, compiled by the People's Daily and published by the People's Daily Press, contains 148 quotes used by Xi, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, reflecting on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Each comes with explanations of the quote's original meaning and its present-day significance.

The first volume was published in February 2015. It has since been translated into 14 languages. Nearly 2 million copies have been released.

(Source: China Daily)

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