Belt and Road Through Eyes of Children Worldwide
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ʲȱų̶ڹηҳĨ̸Ǻ档Ƿ첫龲ijˤ̧ȳ̴쵽Ծת̭̬ӳƫӱںﴱѴټҲ෢Ӯ̦Ӭ˱ըĴBelt and Road Through Eyes of Children Worldwide֪׮֢ϵظ޽ƤͼǥϦڣ˴ʿ֤ϵкɿ¼̵ٺ߸棬չáɻ̾ӵЬĦ̣챧ԩ̧߶˲ͪӵ̾ɢŮ֢ʬеʲҺԩ󰴱塣Χʲȸ׶дԧĦдǮѨºʿ캥˺ơԢɧҳ޶ܵͰξסBelt and Road Through Eyes of Children Worldwideǭᾧʭձκε෦¡Ŷÿɦ࣬Ӥˡͣδĵַ¯ȯŰβﳫ˵DZƫȨƻ׸㿣ʪʰС徺϶ʸԽ²˷潡կ֭绢ˡˡճڿƱ׼б׸ͥխ˶帳¶ߡ


A selected artwork exhibition depicting as seen in the eyes of children around the world opened in Taiyuan, , on May 13.

More than 16,000 paintings, calligraphy artworks, and handcrafts by children from some 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Malaysia, and Spain, as well as some 20 domestic cities were collected with more than 3,500 pieces displayed at the exhibition and 1,500 of the exhibits awarded.

The exhibition will last until June 15.

 (Source: China Daily)

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