Seamless Transits: Forest City's Direct Bus to Singapore Unlocks Dual-Nation Living
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As Singapore's backyard, the Special Financial Zone in Forest City , located in Johor, Malaysia, has dramatically reduced travel time to the bustling city-state. With the inauguration of the bus line (FC1), Singapore is now just under an hour away by road. Let's plan a trip to Singapore together, immerse in its spectacular sights, and enjoy a delightful weekend full of laughter and joy.

The Forest City bus service (FC1) begins its daily operation at 5:30 AM and runs until 7:30 PM, with buses departing every hour on the hour. To maximize your leisure time, it's wise to plan your itinerary in advance and start your journey early. Departing from Forest City, it takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the second checkpoint. After disembarking and clearing customs at the Malaysian side, travelers can easily transfer to buses heading to various destinations in Singapore, conveniently located near MRT stations. Upon entering the MRT station, purchasing an EZ-link card will allow seamless travel on both the metro and buses.


A visit to Singapore's iconic Gardens by the Bay is an absolute must. Known for its innovative integration of technology and botany, the gardens offer a stunning vista of nature intertwined with technological marvels. Step into the Cloud Forest and be amazed by the towering indoor waterfall shrouded in mist, a surreal experience akin to walking in a fairy tale. As night falls, the garden transforms with an enchanting light show that paints this verdant landscape in dreamlike hues, captivating and delighting all who wander through.


For museum enthusiasts and photography aficionados, the second stop should be the National Gallery Singapore. Housing a treasure trove of Southeast Asian art from the 19th century to the present, the gallery's architectural design—a museum within a building—feels like a journey through a tunnel of time. Here, unleash your photography skills as every corner offers a picturesque backdrop.

Not to be missed, the Merlion Park is a perfect spot for both city strolls and capturing stunning night scenes. Nearby restaurants offer spectacular views over dinner, making for an unforgettable dining experience under the stars. After a satisfying meal, a 1-kilometer walk along the beautifully lit streets will enchant and linger in your memories.

When hunger strikes, consider dining at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, a renowned Singaporean chain known for its unique flavors. Their pork rib soup is subtly spiced, leaning towards a savory taste with a hint of pepper, lingering deliciously. For those who prefer something refreshing, Mr. Coconut is a must-try. This unique beverage shop in Singapore specializes in coconut water drinks and ice cream. I highly recommend the sugar-free coconut water with a scoop of ice cream and white pearls—the sweet and cool flavors provide instant relief from fatigue.

For a nighttime adventure with animals, the Singapore Night Safari is the place to be. Starting at 7 PM, enter this magical realm. You can tour the park by tram or on foot. With 41% of the animals being endangered species, their charm is sure to win your heart. Spend an unforgettable evening in their delightful company.


Regarding accommodations, Singapore is known for its pricey hotels. Therefore, taking the last bus back to Forest City  to stay at the Golf Hotel or Marina Hotel can be a budget-friendly and more serene option. Both hotels are nestled within Forest City, surrounded by lush greenery, offering an environment and amenities that surpass many local Singapore hotels in value. After a busy day in Singapore, return here by the last bus and enjoy a peaceful night's rest, recharging for the next day's adventures.


The convenient transit between Forest City  and Singapore allows you to enjoy the urban vibrancy of Singapore and then easily return to the tranquil, seaside resort life of Forest City. Choose Forest City, and you'll soak in the dazzling night scenes and culinary delights of Singapore, then wake up to birdsong and gentle sea breezes the next morning. Between the bustle of Singapore and the calm of Forest City, effortlessly shuttle by direct bus, experiencing two distinctly different lifestyles. For a leisurely weekend, head to Singapore and revel in its rich cultural charm, sure to make you long to return.

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