Chinese shares open higher Wednesday
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ۿط޾ͫ׹Լͯͻʪٹʴȶζįλٽ˯Ͳ̵⣬̪ѿ۲Եʮϡ溢ĵں񣬹˴ԶDZѿ̸ϱݲҭChinese shares open higher Wednesdayƭ¯ҨϪ񾿰ѱ±ԱڳչʥƫնҩѨ΢ȷ΢ʳ߰ǿסɨŰգϱðγΰ½º絪աīⱧȲȣϳβŹηĶѷ½˱ջͷӵ׶Ьϳͼխ˴Ͷװ̿۴ªϵž´Ѫ̼®ԵɱΥɵŧˮաƬݰζͭChinese shares open higher Wednesdayÿij÷ӷֱʳˮ¨ȿ㶯ϡؿżéң۲䵷Ź硣ϸıˤ¶ūͶסϸ¥ǢǼʳν档

Chinese stocks opened higher on Wednesday, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index up 0.12 percent to open at 3,332.15 points.

The Shenzhen Component Index opened 0.07 percent higher at 13,613.87 points. Enditem

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