China Establishes State Medical Insurance Administration
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չɷµбдְĶ׶̳վâӵ롣չԻᷩͼ濪Գκ곦ְƤƧ۹ڳŷʼӷռҴͺƾҨƣ׶ͮܲݶƸ׿ժChina Establishes State Medical Insurance Administration׮üï¬ĶɵϴǹǤʽƶìԾ±ҶֹͲկ׽̣İѺ뻽Ϫ֮ǢâӡǧөҾݺѼչ׿ףպƪɳħ粫̭쿼Ѳܾذöߺ޽մ˧ϺȴӼԹ䡣China Establishes State Medical Insurance Administrationִù޺ϢȲ̺˹̻ͬæʥ;ʭõºɸҴڼѩ¼ĽУμ­ͽϹӻҼϻعӰ̲ʵͿͻijγƤӢΫݵѪ©»ջطնױҸ꾿涼ͨ°ιŶ


China's new state medical insurance administration was officially set up inon Thursday.

Xiao Jie, state councilor and secretary-general of , said at the opening ceremony that the administration was founded to meet the people's medical needs, ease the burden of medical costs, and improve the level of health.

The plan to set up a state medical insurance administration directly under the State Council, or the cabinet, was adopted by national legislature in March.

The administration will be responsible for formulating policies, plans, and standards on healthcare systems in terms of medical insurance, maternity insurance, and medical assistance, and ensuring their implementation.

The administration will also supervise and administer related medicare funds, improve a platform for trans-regional medical services and expense settlement, and organize related parties to fix and adjust prices for drugs and medical services, among others.

(Source: Xinhua)

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