Grain trade conference helps boost orders in China
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Workers pack rice harvested from a saline-alkali testing field before weighing it in Rudong county, Jiangsu province, on Oct 14, 2020. XU JINGBAI/FOR CHINA DAILY

As a grain trade conference ended on Wednesday in East China's Fujian province, purchase agreements for 36.17 billion yuan (about $5.44 billion) worth of various grain products had been signed.

The third China Grain Trade Conference drew delegations from 31 provinces, municipalities and regions, and over 2,600 enterprises to the city of Fuzhou, the provincial capital.

The three-day event was held both online and offline. The online platform saw 10.3 million metric tons of various cereals and oils traded, with transactions totaling 29.24 billion yuan.

The event also offered a venue of 75,000 square meters for exhibitors and business activities.

The previous sessions of the China Grain Trade Conference were held in Northeast China's Harbin and Central China's Zhengzhou, which saw a total of 33 million tons of grain and oil traded, with turnover exceeding 70 billion yuan.

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