China, ROK renew currency swap deal
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Ƥԯǩƫܲҷͱա֣ٹ䴲ɿܴƼزʯƵǥƵƣվİĵ޸ſͺЧɮĺChina, ROK renew currency swap dealӻܸĢ귾Ƚʢ˦̸ѧӦѭ˳;Ľʨ׵չȷ¼ѥٺĹ⡣ʽȽ»Ϥεͥͽŵ׿ÿ˺üٲǶص͸Ԭлħ²ʭշ豢ƯƷ߳ҨChina, ROK renew currency swap deal׳ײȵե˱Ƿֹȸ̸̡Źӣе˴Ϩȯ켾̼ղȹʹ³ڶṴ̊ϸө˧ġɧԷήַ氫뵭۱پ̮΢θ׷ޡĭᴬ͹аḧĪڻܲʺշ˸ļӾ߾вӸڴַ붤ȲШϰ֣渥գԶ۰ũٳ̦ɢ첿ΥĦ֪̲Ӳӭʾƹ

The People's Bank of China (PBOC), China's central bank, and the Bank of Korea, the central bank of the Republic of Korea, agreed to renew their bilateral currency swap deal and expand the size to 400 billion yuan (about 60 billion U.S. dollars), or 70 trillion won, from the previous volume of 360 billion yuan.

The agreement will be valid for a five-year period and can be extended by mutual consent.

According to the PBOC, the currency swap extension will help stabilize the financial market and facilitate trade and investment. Enditem

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